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Motorcycle Laws In New Mexico
Safety Helmet Required by law under age of 18, reflectorization required, required under age 18
State Funded Rider Ed Available for all eligible applicants-required under age 18
Eye Protection 66-7-355. Riding on motorcycles. B. Any person operating a motorcycle not having a fixed windshield of a type approved by regulation of the secretary shall wear an eye protective device which may be a faceshield attached to a safety helmet, goggles or safety eyeglasses. All eye protective devices shall be of a type approved by regulations promulgated by the director.
Daytime Use of Headlight Modulating headlight permitted
Passenger Seat Required if carrying a passenger
Passenger Footrest Required if carrying a passenger
Passenger Age Restriction None
Helmet Speakers No Restrictions
Periodic Safety Inspection Required by law-random
Mirror Left(L) Right(R) One required by law
Radar Detector No Restriction
Turn Signals Required by law
Muffler No acoustical criteria.
Maximum Sound Level No acoustical criteria.
State Insurance Requirements Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(25/50/10)
Handlebar Height No Restrictions
Rider-Education Waiver Skill & Knowledge Test
Accept Motorcycle Endorsement From Other States Yes
Motorcycles operating two abreast in same lane Not referenced in Administrative Code or Statutes
Lane Splitting Not referenced in Administrative Code or Statutes
Lemon Law Coverage Yes; New Mexico (NM) Statutes Chapter 57, Article 16A

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