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Germany have surprised us. They lost their goalkeeper before the tournament and Michael Ballack and were written off by many, including us, but they really are very close to a final and we know anything can happen in a final - especially one with Germany in.

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While the Red Wings are not giving up on the talented 23-year-old, it is clear that he will need to pick up the pace to make his NHL dreams come true.

For years, the St. Louis native was dogged by questions about his conditioning to the point that he was tagged with the unwanted nickname "Fat Pat." To his credit, the left wing responded by dedicating himself to dieting and an Washington Redskins jerseys intensive exercise regimen to remake his body into one worthy of being considered a power forward. A 2007 sixth-round pick (No. 161) by the Flyers, Maroon now packs 225 pounds onto his 6-foot-4 frame.

No one ever questioned Maroon's hands, as he has been a productive goal scorer at every level he has played.

In one OHL season as a member of the London Knights, Maroon led the club with 35 goals and 90 points in 65 games. He followed that with a 23-goal, 54-point rookie campaign in the American Hockey League in 2008-09. Last Napoleon Harris jersey season, Maroon entered training camp being touted as a player with a chance to crack the Flyers NHL squad. Unfortunately, a preseason injury and a disappointing AHL season (11 goals, 44 points in 67 games) on a talent-starved Adirondack Phantoms club set back his ambitions, at least temporarily.

At 21, Maroon faces an important season in his development.

Maroon long has been a fine inline player and as one step toward staying in shape for the next ice hockey season, Maroon opted to join Team USA for the inline worlds. Maroon had two shots on goal but was held pointless in the D.JOHNSON jersey opening game against Canada. In the 4-0 victory against the Czech Republic, Maroon opened the scoring with a power-play goal at the 6:03 mark of the first quarter (unlike ice hockey, the inline tournament in played with four 12-minute quarters).

In addition to Axelsson and Maroon, there are a handful of other players at the inline worlds who currently play ice hockey in the North GLENN DORSEY jersey American minor leagues or in European elite leagues. The most prominent of such players are Team Germany's Patric Reimer and Thomas Greilinger.

A member of the DEG Metro Stars, Reimer had 20 goals and 43 points in 56 DEL games this past season, and has 5 assists in two games at the Inline Worlds. Greilinger, a standout forward for Ingolstadt ERC, is one of the top scoring stars in MATT CASSELS jersey the DEL, scoring 38 goals (tops in the league) and 73 points (second in the league) this past season. At the Inline Worlds, Greilinger has 4 goals in the two games. At last year's tourney in Ingolstadt, Greilinger had 12 assists to capture Best Forward honors in leading the Germans to the bronze.

This year, Germany finds itself in a tough spot. After dropping a 4-3 decision to Canada via shootout, the Germans are winless in the tourney. They will need an upset victory against Team USA to avoid the crossover round.
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ARLINGTON -- The Rangers made the first big move of the 2010 trading period on Thursday by acquiring Giants catcher Benjie Molina and cash for reliever Chris Ray and Class A pitcher Michael Main.The move adds much-needed depth to the Chris Wells jersey Rangers' catching situation, as veteran Matt Treanor and Max Ramirez have combined to hit just .212 with seven home runs and 30 RBIs this season.

"He brings a veteran presence. He's a guy that's been back there and caught quality pitching in some big games," general manager Jon Daniels said. "First things first, this guy is a winner. He takes a lot of bobby cox jersey pride in his game calling and working with the staff and understanding the game plan.

"Talking to him on the phone earlier, I think he's excited to be here. He really wants the chance to win again. It was refreshing to hear that."

Added Rangers manager Ron Washington: "He's brings presence. He's certainly been in a lot of jonathan toews jersey big situations in his career behind that plate, especially during that run Anaheim had here and he had a good run in San Francisco where he helped them fight for the pennant. We're just very happy to have him."

Molina's experience factor was the biggest reason for the move according to Daniels. He's spent 13 seasons in the Majors, while Treanor and Ramirez have spent a combined nine seasons in the big leagues.
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